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The Mountain Pass

San Luis Valley Brewing

San Luis Valley Brewing Co. 631 Main St. Alamosa, CO 81101 New Mexico Councilmember #1: “Man, truckloads of Texans are cutting through our Northeast corner to get to Colorado on 87 from Amarillo.” New Mexico Councilmember #2: “You know that thing…


George Washington Carver is well-known to history for coming up with about 100 products made from peanuts, and even more food recipes. I feel like he had to have had some sort of pumpkin-whisperer counterpart because, come October, the gamboge gourds…

Say her name!

Gourdyn Martell

Gourdyn Martell

So, people try to get clever with their pumpkins this time of year, and you inevitably see that one where the jack o’lantern is puking his own seeds and innards out. I started thinking of what other type of pumpkin carving might utilize the guts, and I had a flashback to the season 4 showdown between the Red Viper of Dorne and the Mountain that Rides on Game of Thrones. Tyrion’s story about his cousin Orson smashing beetles immediately evoked thoughts of series author George R.R. Martin, wantonly killing off everyone’s favorite characters on a whim.

Enter the Red Viper of Dorne, Oberyn Martell. Progressive, hedonistic, moral. And just when you think, finally, I’ll be rewarded for empathizing and cheering on a character – the Mountain quite literally squashes your dreams.

Happy Halloween.


Yesterday marked the official release of the 6th in Saint Arnold’s Bishop’s Barrel series, an imperial pumpkin stout aged in rum barrels. As with previous Bishop’s Barrel roll outs, #6 is sold only through bars and restaurants, and each has…

Pumpkinator 3

Rise of the Philistines Monday marked the much anticipated release of Pumpkinator, the pumpkin stout from the Saint Arnold brewery. This is the third year for Pumpkinator’s seasonal release, and the brewery has steadily increased production in order to meet…

Lakefront Brewery – Milwaukee

While the Sprecher Brewery made an exception for us earlier in the day, the Lakefront Brewery was going strong with tours on the hour. Situated under the Holton St. Bridge and backing up to the Milwaukee River as it meanders…

Punkin Drunken

Ah, autumn. The mercury starts dropping along with the leaves, college football is back in full swing, and the young man’s fancy that turned to love in the spring has now turned to bitter resentment. But he and his erstwhile…