• Ahandal

    Yo Jack its Handal, came across a link to your blog on Houston Press EOW. Very impressive…keep up the good work pal.

  • Anonymous

    You need to view your site on an iPad. It doesn’t format correctly. The frames are fine, but many articles are unreadable. Same on the iPhone. Note that the articles are fine if pushed to Reader.

    Your content is excellent. Keep it going!

    • http://jackaround.net Jack_Around

      I appreciate the feedback, I’ve noticed some issues on my Droid as well. I’ll look into fixing it. Thanks!

    • http://jackaround.net Jack_Around

      Ok, I think I’ve got it fixed now. It was a conflicting bug with Disqus, with a simple CSS fix. Try now! It works fine for me on Android. Thanks again.