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Burn Notice

Further north up Kinnickinnic from the Palm Tavern, among perhaps the more heavily trafficked bars in the Bay View neighborhood, yet just off the beaten path enough to exude a neighborhood feel, sits Burnhearts, a dark and edgy pub known for…


It’s amazing how the oil industry creeps into the beer industry, especially here in Houston. One of the first questions bandied about is always why are barrels abbreviated “bbl” when breweries talk about production. Well, that harkens back to the…

Untappd Badge Calendar

Badges? We don’t need no steenkin badges! Look. I know you’re above chasing after Untappd badges. They’re meaningless after all, they don’t gain you admittance to the most exclusive of clubs, and they don’t even exist except in cyberspace. Like…

Hard to Swallow

In an abrupt change of tack, Brock Wagner and the brew team at Saint Arnold report that they have decided to discontinue their popular Bishop’s Barrel series. Saint Arnold has been a mainstay of the craft beer industry in Texas,…


Left Shark

Left Sharks vs Jets

If you watched the Super Bowl Sunday night, and you weren’t seething with rage from the Budweiser commercial, you might have noticed the phenomenon now known as Left Shark.

UPDATE: 9 Feb 2015

These things are a lot more popular when someone famous gets hold of them.

Say her name!

Gourdyn Martell

Gourdyn Martell

So, people try to get clever with their pumpkins this time of year, and you inevitably see that one where the jack o’lantern is puking his own seeds and innards out. I started thinking of what other type of pumpkin carving might utilize the guts, and I had a flashback to the season 4 showdown between the Red Viper of Dorne and the Mountain that Rides on Game of Thrones. Tyrion’s story about his cousin Orson smashing beetles immediately evoked thoughts of series author George R.R. Martin, wantonly killing off everyone’s favorite characters on a whim.

Enter the Red Viper of Dorne, Oberyn Martell. Progressive, hedonistic, moral. And just when you think, finally, I’ll be rewarded for empathizing and cheering on a character – the Mountain quite literally squashes your dreams.

Happy Halloween.

On PBR and Hipsterism

The Cake Doughnut Theory In the frenzied world of marketing and advertising, whenever something works, no matter by what dark art or manic alchemy, the consultants and strategy wonks would fain bottle that lightning and use it for their own…

Just Add Beer

As the craft beer industry has boomed, so has the proliferation of food trucks, the focus on locally sourced ingredients, and a premium placed on culinary artistry generally. It’s no wonder then that some of those streams have been crossed,…

Chill Pils

Perhaps an extension of the craft beer trajectory would be, after the hop arms race and the exploration of more obscure styles, when brewers seek to reclaim traditional styles that have been stretched to the breaking point by the large…

Arugula Redux

I normally write about beer, but I include a smattering of restaurants and food trucks, and a couple of weeks ago I disclosed my abiding love for arugula. I’m glad I ran that leafy green flag up the pole, because…