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DR11 / EndeavourYou thought you had finally put the 2012 election frenzy behind you, but nay, the media loves nothing more than Top 10 lists and voting polls to generate buzz and controversy. Stone Brewing has recently launched marketing campaigns around their fresh Enjoy By IPA, goading consumers into voting via Facebook and Twitter for their respective regions to both receive a batch and see it brought back. After a slow start, I was glad to see Texas surge ahead to set a new high score and hopefully see the return of this hoppy brew, though New Mexico is already putting up ridiculous numbers – and they haven’t even received their batch yet. Why not devote that kind of passion to a local endeavour?

The folks over at the Full Pint are running a Best Craft Beer of 2012 poll, and since many beer writers overlook the Lone Star state – whether because of limited distribution or outright snubbery – I was elated, though surprised, to not only see Saint Arnold Endeavour on the list but also at the top of the results early on. Endeavour has since dropped to 4th place, narrowly edged out by none other than Stone’s Enjoy By. Endeavour is a fine addition to the Saint Arnold lineup, one with divine heritage no less, and a worthy flag bearer for the Bayou City. So let’s show Houston some love and bring Saint Arnold some much deserved notoriety by rocking the vote for Endeavour.

Vote here by Feb. 2!


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2 comments for “Poll Position

  1. January 17, 2013 at 11:29 am

    I have tried time and time again to get stones Twitter feed to tell us why theyvdid not send.the next batch of enjoyby to Texas. What was the whole point of voting if they were not going to ship us the next batch? Well even though enjoy by was my fav beer of 2012 I am voting for endeavour.

    • January 17, 2013 at 1:08 pm

      Well, I think the voting was partly to get a batch here in the first place, and then to see which region would get the final or award batch. Not sure, but way to keep your vote local!

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