Election 2012

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UntappdWelp, the months of incessant campaign ads and election coverage is finally drawing to a close. Fully 3/4 of expected voter turnout in Harris County (Houston) has already voted early, with the remainder frantically searching for their polling locations or, if they’re an undecided procrastinator, a coin to flip. Either way, after you’ve performed your civic duty, it’s likely you’ll sit back and watch events unfold with a drink in hand, either celebrating your candidate’s victory or lamenting his defeat. Just be careful if you’re tipping back every time Wolf Blitzer says “too close to call.”

The folks over at the beer drinking app Untappd have rolled out an Election Day badge to commemorate the national political frenzy, so why not earn that badge by toasting your host in the race?

Election 2012Publicans

If you’re supporting the Romney/Ryan ticket today, I’d say look no further than Delirium Tremens, a Belgian golden ale from the Huyghe Brouwerij. This was really my gateway beer into le monde belgique, whiling away an afternoon on the patio at Agora. Pouring a nice golden hue, this is a stronger version of a traditional Belgian Pale Ale, clocking in at 8.5%. But its the spices of the Belgian brew that are so intoxicating, slightly peppery with citrus and coriander, yet smooth with honey malts. Let this one decant a bit in a tulip glass, leaving yeast at the bottom and a thick lacy head on top.

Half Acre BreweryDipsocrats

If the incumbent Obama/Biden vote is the one you’re casting, it may be a little harder to find your mascot beer. But you could only do worse than to lay your hands on the Double Daisy Cutter from the highly respected Half Acre Brewery out of Chicago, no less than Obama’s hometown. It’s another punched up Pale Ale, almost a Double IPA, that also registers an 8.5 on the Richter Scale. It too features some honey and citrus notes, but as an American effort at virtually a “double” anything, it’s going to have a lot more piney hops to it, that nevertheless compliment the citrus. Since Houstonians likely don’t have access to this one, you could also try any of the offerings from Ass Kisser Ales, like their Double IPA or Smoked Porter.

Sierra NevadaGreen

You’re just continuing on to the 3rd option, aren’t you. Do you even know who’s on the Green Party ticket? That would be Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala. If you did know that, you’re likely voting for them and are not only progressive with your eco-conscience but also in supporting a female candidate. Congratulations! You have the easiest choice of all. Your party won’t likely win, but you can at least take solace in the fact that your concerns for the earth help promote the growth of beer’s most important ingredient: hops. You could go with a Hop Henge or a Tricerahops, a Hopadillo or a Hopsickle. Or why not a Hoptimum, from Sierra Nevada? The label pratically looks like a hop-headed Andrew Jackson – nothing if not presidential. Cheers to that, and better luck next year!

[Update (18 Nov 2012):]

Avery BrewingAle to the Chief

Whatever your vote, the only way forward and the only solution to our problems is beer. Wait, I mean unity. Solidarity of purpose, united behind the Commander-in-Chief. Support your candidate with one of the brews above until election day, but starting November 7, toast the victor with an Ale to the Chief from Avery Brewing. If partisanship stays your hand from such a toast, then perhaps the fact that Avery only releases this beer once every 4 years to coincide with the election will be persuasive enough. A “double” pale ale, Avery dares not call this one Imperial, but rather Presidential. It’s a smooth beer, with the caramel malt hidden behind the citrus and pine of the dry hopping. This one is still available, as Avery was pouring some at yesterday’s Draft Festival, part of the annual Houston Beer Week. So get it before the campaign ads start up again and it’s gone for another 4 years.

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