Mi San Luis

Along this corridor between 290 and 249, you run a gauntlet of taco trucks, and the Mi San Luis cart may be the cheapest of them all. At only $1, the tacos are served on comparatively small corn tortillas, but they still pack a wallop of flavor. I walked up to the window and placed my typical order of 3 tacos, an array of cabezapastor, and fajita or bistec, then waited in my car a short while on this blistering afternoon. The brightly colored trailer with hand-painted lettering and murals had often caught my eye, parked outside the gates of a transmission shop on N. Houston Rosslyn, so I resolved to give it a try. They have gorditas and tortas on offer, but this is my Taco Trail, so that’s what I was after.

Al pastor tacos have always been one of my favorites, and I relished each of the savory bites of this specimen, with its bright orange juices tinting the lightly griddled corn tortillas. My favorite was the cabeza however, the rich, fatty meat of the cow’s head — mostly cheek — practically melt-in-your-mouth tender. Each taco comes with the standard accoutrement of onions and cilantro, though surprisingly, since they’re only a dollar, they also come with a healthy wedge of avocado. Green sauce that accompanies Mexican cuisine can be a bit of a crap shoot. Sometimes they’re a mild, creamy cilantro and avocado blend, sometimes they’re a tomatillo and chile sauce that’s spicy as hell. The little plastic tub that came with my tacos was filled with the latter, but being a bit of a hot head, I found it a piquant complement to the complex interior Mexican flavors of San Luis Obispo.

The eager proprietor was quick to dish out these excellent tacos, and while I’ve certainly had better, for the price they can’t be beat. Forget Rachael Ray’s $40 a Day, or even the Sandwich King Jeff Mauro’s new $24 in 24, Mi San Luis is going to get you fed on less than $10. In fact, I may swing by tomorrow for one of their breakfast options.

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