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Denizens of the Petrol Station are well familiar with the craft beer and the impossibly small kitchen that dishes out epic burgers… if you have the patience. Wait times on busy nights like Thursdays and Fridays were wont to approach 2 hours. But they’ve finally got their permits in order, and the build-out is ongoing. In the meantime, while the pub grub is out of commish, Petrol has a steady stream of food trucks on parade, serving up their mobile munchies while the rest of us contentedly quaff our malty brew. Craft beer and food trucks? A match made in heaven.

Happy Endings TruckIf you’re trying to direct clicks to your hit counter, you could do worse than naming your business webpage Happy Endings. Not that they have one. But just like the Doggy Style truck, I guess the pent up desire for wiener-innuendo was too hard to resist and had to be given release. I was at first tempted by the Geisha Dog, but hearing that the monstrous BDL was the most popular order, I decided to give it a whirl. A robust beef dog on a soft bun with a slightly crispy exterior, the BDL is loaded up with all manner of toppings, first and foremost kimchi. The traditional Korean fermented cabbage is perhaps an acquired taste for some, and while I like kimchi, even I found the volume a bit excessive given its pungent flavors. But it brought its sour notes into a harmonious whole with the savory bacon bits and scallions, along with a cool and slightly sweet mayo. Hungry, and wanting to get a fuller Happy Ending experience, I ordered the Shanghai Eggrolls as well. The bite-size little fried rolls come 6 to an order and would be excellent for sharing, with a seasoned beef and veggie filling that plays well against the sweet chili sauce served on the side.

If I were to lodge any complaints against the Happy Endings truck, the first would be that my total came out a couple of dollars higher than elementary math from the menu would have suggested. I probably should have said something. The other would be that while my dog appeared to be assembled quickly, a new batch of eggrolls were required. So my BDL sat in the window cooling while the rolls were frying up. Perhaps they were going for a polar contrast in temperatures to mirror the contrapasso flavors, but my hot dog was largely cold and the egg rolls were scorchingly hot, fresh from the oil. Minor gripes all things considered, and they won’t keep me from future visits. UntappdPlus, it happened to be American Craft Beer Week, so the Petrol Station had an array of great beers on tap while I was waiting. But let me tell you, on an empty stomach, a couple of Real Ale’s Phoenixx ESB‘s will sneak up on you real quick.

Asian fusion seems to be the first and last word in food truck cuisine. In direct relation with the proliferation of mobile eateries, we’ve seen nearly ubiquitous bulgogi tacos for example. But there’s room for one more in my book, and a melting-pot riff on so iconic an American dish as the hot dog is a welcome one. I’m looking forward to trying more of the Happy Ending offerings, like that Geisha dog with bonito flakes. Maybe the proprietors will offer a reverse lagniappe or something – like a free massage beforehand.